The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Top Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Hey guys. So in my last blog post I talked a bit about an Inflammatory diet that’s high in gluten or high in saturated fat. So now let’s talk about the alternative: the anti-inflammatory diet that helps you heal and feel better. The anti-inflammatory diet helps prevent chronic diseases.

Obviously, you have to limit or eliminate the foods that cause inflammation, such as; barley, rye, oat, wheat, processed meats, butter, etc. I mentioned in the last post that a Mediterranean diet is a good source of anti-inflammtory foods. This includes lean meat such as fish, nuts, green vegetables, and olive oil.

If you are looking for particular supplemental sources of anti-inflammatories, here’s my selection. Always start with a good fish oil for a source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Ginger and tumeric are next on the list. Vitamin D is a necessity as well as probiotics. Finish off the list with magnesium, co-enzyme Q10 and lipoic acid.

So you can’t just go to the grocery store and get this stuff (except for fish oil and ginger), so you probably have to visit your local nutrition store. There are plenty in Mebane and Burlington.

The supplements are good, but they won’t do a thing unless you change your diet. If you’re still loading your gut with fats and tons of gluten, the vitamins don’t stand a chance. And I’m not saying ditch gluten all together, just try and decrease the amount if you eat it three times a day.

Dr. David R. Seaman, DC is a chiropractic and kind of like the guru on this topic. A lot of my information comes from him. Look him up and see what else he has to say. Thanks everyone for reading!

~ Dr. Andy

Remember Dr. Karen and myself are always willing to talk to you about your diet, whether you’re a current patient or not. Give us a call, stop by some time, and pick our brains. Especially if you are not a current patient, give us a call and schedule a new patient exam and we can go over all of this including the resulting pain you are in. We can get to the bottom of it with you. Give us a call at 336-270-3050.

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