Shoulder Pain

Chiropractic and Shoulder PainShoulders are an intensely complicated joint. The shoulder complex is actually made up of 3 different bones forming 4 distinct joints. Over 15 muscles surround the shoulder. There’s even a bursa, a fluid filled sac, inside the main shoulder joint to aid in movement.

They are also one of the most flexible joints. From a doctor’s perspective, that can be very bad. Flexibility =  instability, and instability means its very easy to be injured. Your elbow, which is less flexible than your shoulder, is harder to hurt. A lot less things can go wrong when a joint moves only in a few directions rather than all around.

Shoulder pain is probably the next most common symptom in our office behind spine pain and headaches. And just like that back problem which really started a long time ago before you felt symptoms, your shoulder was starting to wear down long before you felt pain.

If you have shoulder pain, and it was not caused by a trauma, then more than likely it is due to a SICK scapula (shoulder blade). SICK stands for Scapular malposition (the shoulder blade is out of normal alignment), Inferior medial winging (the bottom point of your shoulder blade sticks out), Coracoid pain (if you push on the front part of your shoulder is it painful?), and dysKinesis (the shoulder joint doesn’t move properly).

sick2A SICK shoulder is common with individuals that are required to lift their arms above their head often: baseball pitchers, tennis players, painters, electricians, etc. It is caused by muscle imbalance and weakness. Certain muscles, like your rhomboids between your spine and shoulder blade, become weak and let your shoulder blade move when it shouldn’t. Your shoulder blade literally rotates up and away from your spine, and when you lift your arm, the joint actually jams together.

While an individual may not actually feel any pain while they have SICK scapula, its still there doing your body harm. When it isn’t fixed, these problems can cause rotator cuff tears, degeneration of the spinal joint, numbness and tingling into the arm, and tears of the shoulder itself. These problems are PAINFUL. Certain end results like a tear of the shoulder joint can only be fixed with surgery. So let’s stop the majority of shoulder pain before it gets to that point!

It takes the trained chiropractor less than 5 minutes to recognize a SICK scapula. Our unique exercise protocols of a misaligned shoulder can take care of this problem if recognized early enough. Even better, SICK scapula detection is included in all of our exams! We can share with you some exercises to strengthen weak muscles and how to stretch the tight ones. Don’t forgot the shoulder is attached the neck and upper back as well.

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Call us today at 336-270-3050 and take advantage of this opportunity to get checked out, and we can take care of your SICK scapula before it becomes a real problem!