Senior Health

Are you aging actively? This article has some suggestions.

The Boomer’s Roadmap for Aging in Place: How to Prepare Today for your Senior Years. Read Article

Why Nutrition Matters For You.  Good nutrition is important throughout your life!  It can help you feel your best and stay strong. It can help reduce the risk of some diseases that are common among older adults. And, if you already have certain health issues, good nutrition can help you manage the symptoms.  Nutrition can sometimes seem complicated. The following article can assist in helping to educate:   Nutrition Guide for the Aging and Elderly

Drug Interactions

Because of these body changes, there is also a bigger risk of drug interactions among older adults. Therefore, it’s important to know about drug interactions.

  • Drug-drug interactions happen when two or more medicines react with each other to cause unwanted effects. This kind of interaction can also cause one medicine to not work as well or even make one medicine stronger than it should be. For example, you should not take aspirin if you are taking a prescription blood thinner, such as warfarin, unless your health care professional tells you to.
  • Drug-condition interactions happen when a medical condition you already have makes certain drugs potentially harmful. For example, if you have high blood pressure or asthma, you could have an unwanted reaction if you take a nasal decongestant.
  • Drug-food interactions result from drugs reacting with foods or drinks. In some cases, food in the digestive tract can affect how a drug is absorbed. Some medicines also may affect the way nutrients are absorbed or used in the body.
  • Drug-alcohol interactions can happen when the medicine you take reacts with an alcoholic drink. For instance, mixing alcohol with some medicines may cause you to feel tired and slow your reactions.

It is important to know that many medicines do not mix well with alcohol. As you grow older, your body may react differently to alcohol, as well as to the mix of alcohol and medicines. Keep in mind that some problems you might think are medicine-related, such as loss of coordination, memory loss, or irritability, could be the result of a mix between your medicine and alcohol.  As You Age: You and Your Medicines full article

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