What are the Top 10 Nutrition/Lifestyle Strategies to help prevent Alzheimer’sthis article will tell you.

Vitamins: Key Pieces of your Health. Are you meeting the daily requirements?   Vitamins and Minerals: How Much Should You Take?

Move More, Eat Less. In this sedentary society of ours, there has been a progressive decline in physical activity and a concomitant increase in weight gain despite multiple warnings from governmental agencies and a large and ever-increasing number of scientific publications recommending much greater amounts of physical activity and exercise, along with a reduction of caloric intake.

Celiac Disease, is an inherited condition involving the small intestine, triggered by gluten contained in cereal grains, read this article: WHAT IS CELIAC DISEASE?

Can poor eating habits inflame your brain? Evidence suggests consumption of pro-inflammatory foods can, for lack of better description, “confuse” your brain and the communication it has with your stomach-in effect making it harder to discern when you’re full. The result: a tendency to overeat and gain weight, which can lead to all sorts of serious health problems over time, including insulin resistance and diabetes.

The Inflamed Brain