Chiropractic for Children

Brain Exercise  – isn’t just for Seniors, infants to adolescents can also benefit.

Parents are seeking answers and alternatives to surgery, Ear Infections treated naturally.

Any parent with a newborn to first or second grader knows that car seats are a part of family life. However, many parents may think that if they use the child restraint system that is required by law that their children are safe. But how safe is it? Are they using the proper car seat for their child and is it correctly installed? And what about other factors such as vehicle type, seat location (front or back), etc.? Let’s learn about car seat safety so you can keep your children as safe as possible anytime you hit the open road.

Car Seat Safety

An article in Scientific American (2009) and two articles in Acta Paediatrica (2010) support the evidence that “vitamin D deficiency-either during pregnancy or early childhood-may be an environmental trigger for the genetic disease of autism.” Explore 15 reasons you should know more about Autism and Vitamin D.

Autism and Vitamin D

Dr. Wong explains why a healthy spine is essential for good overall health. Like adults, a child’s neck and spine need to be in proper alignment to facilitate good posture, movement and functionality. Understand the fundamentals of child spinal development and you’ll quickly understand why your child can benefit from chiropractic care.

Growing the Right Way


Chiropractic for Children