All You Can Be

There is a reason why all professional sports teams (NFL, MLB, NBA, etc.) have chiropractic physicians on staff. Because chiropractors help each person be all they can be. Sounds like an ad for the army doesn’t it?

To professional athletes, who are expected to perform at such high standards all the time, even the tiniest of ailments can throw off their game greatly. They are so highly tuned for what they have to do the smallest of physical disturbances can interrupt their play. So they keep their chiropractors close to handle all those musculoskeletal problems, whether they are big or small.

So what does that mean for all the rest of us? While I consider myself athletic, I’m certainly no Roger Federer. It means that if an athlete needs a chiropractor for even the smallest of pains, we need them even more for our own daily grind.

Roger Federer celebrate

The office worker who stairs at a screen all day, you need a chiropractor for your neck and mid-back. The electrician, plumber, or painter you need a chiropractor for you low back due to all the bending. Athletes need a chiropractor so they can do their job, and so do you. I know I certainly do.

~ Dr. Andy

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